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Meet Me On Platform 3 ARC Review

Meet Me on Platform 3 was such a sweet story. I fell for these characters in the same way they fell for each other. Do you ever bump into someone in the street and then picture your entire life with them and then they're gone? If yes, then read this book.

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These Twisted Bonds ARC Review

I loved These Hollow Vows and I wasn't sure if These Twisted Bonds could top it. But it did! I loved this book so much and it felt like the perfect conclusion. Although, I definitely wouldn't complain if I got to see more of this characters (please).

WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday – 23rd November 2022

After staring November off really strongly, I hit a massive slump trying to read Beneath the Burning Wave, since then I've read Breaking the Ice on Wattpad, so I'm hoping to get to a few more in the last week of November! But here's what I've read this week!

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The Drowned Woods ARC Review

The Drowned Woods was full of welsh folklore and I could picture each scene almost perfectly. The world-building pulled me in and I'm kind of disappointed this was a standalone as I would love to read more about these characters.

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Of Mist and Shadow ARC Review

I loved the tension between the Mist King and Tessa, which was aided by forced proximity, the one bed and one horse tropes. I had no idea how this was going to end, as there was a fair amount of betrayal in this book. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am in need of the sequel right now because that cliffhanger was not okay!!