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Favourite Friday: My Favourite Underrated Book

Hey! So this is my first ever Favourite Friday and it is hosted by The Midnight Book Blog . Today’s prompt is favourite underrated book and I plan on joining in with future prompts too!

This is a tricky prompt for me because I think a lot of books that I’ve read are severely underrated, but I think my top choice would have to be The Sound by Sarah Alderson.


I’ve read this book multiple times and it never fails me. I love all of Sarah Alderson’s books and I think she is a seriously underrated author. The Sound is one of my favourites because not only is it a summer romance, but there is also a mystery and the author threads the romance and danger together so well.

When the main character, Ren takes a nannying job in Nantucket she expects to have a lowkey summer but she is wrong! There is a serial killer roaming the island and her summer ends up being filled with private school kids and a bad boy. What’s more to love?

I won’t lie I haven’t read this book in a few years but it has always been a comfort read for me. This book is fun to read but is not lie your everyday YA contemporary due to the added danger of the killer.

So that is why The Sound is my favourite underrated book! Let me know what book is yours in the comments!

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Georgia x

6 thoughts on “Favourite Friday: My Favourite Underrated Book”

  1. Well, I definitely added this to the TBR. I can’t think of an underrated book that has been a stand out for me right off the top of my head. I’ll have to give that question some thought.

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