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Favourite Friday: Favourite Time/Place to Read

It’s friday so time for another Favourite Friday post! This book meme is hosted by The Midnight Book Blog . Today’s prompt is favourite time/place to read.

During lockdown I have basically done nothing but read so it might be hard to narrow it down to my favourite place! I always do the majority of my reading in summer, in particular on holiday, so maybe my favourite place to read is in the sun! I can sit in the sun for hours just reading and I never get bored, where as if I’m reading inside I get distracted so easily. So I think one of my favourite places to read would have to be in the sun, either on a chair or a blanket, as long as I am comfortable!

I always have to read before I sleep so I really enjoy reading in bed as it relaxes me. I can snuggle under the covers and get super comfortable and then delve into whatever book I’m reading at that time. Whilst settling back into uni I’ve done a lot of my reading in bed at night so this is deffo a current fave place.

Another place I love to read is my sofa at home, it is so comfy and you can just sink into it! I’ve spent many days lying on that sofa doing nothing else but read. At the beginning of lockdown I sat on the sofa in the morning and did not move until I’d finished Crescent City!

I think based off of this that time of day doesn’t really matter for me when I’m reading as I love to read all day and just before sleeping. Choosing my overall favourite place to read is wayyyy too difficult though cause I’m not even sure what it is! The places I’ve listed are my top three and are the places I tend to read the most. The sofa is the most comfy place so maybe if I had to choose based on comfort it would be that but then I love being in the sun so I’m also leaning towards that! I think this week it’s going to have to be a tie!

What’s your favourite place and time to read?

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Georgia x

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