favourite friday

Favourite Friday: Favourite Childhood Book

It’s friday so time for another Favourite Friday post! This book meme is hosted by The Midnight Book Blog . Today’s prompt is favourite childhood book.

As a child I read SO MUCH, that it’s quite difficult for me to pick one book that stands out so I’m gonna pick a type of book. I used to read a lot of horse/magical unicorn books. I was obsessed! I had the perfect horse girl life planned out!


The Chestnut hill series was my favourite and I really fancy having a reread of them now. I dreamed of living at a boarding school where there school sport was horse riding! Lauren Brooke also wrote the Heartland series, which is now a tv show that I adore. So my love of horses definitely stemmed from reading these books as a child. At one point I even bought pony care books as if my parent were somehow going to magically gift me a pony for Christmas!

What was your favourite childhood book and did any of you read horse books too, or was that just me?

Keep reading,

Georgia x

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