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Book Quotes of 2021 – 1-10

Hi everyone! I wanted to try a new kind of post today!

Since 2013 I have kept a quote jar and every time I finish a book I add a quote from it to my jar. I figured I would share these quotes with you. So I’m going to share these quotes in groups of 10 and I’ve read 12 books so far this year so the first lot of quotes are ready!

I’m not sure whether the quality is the greatest on those pictures as they look better in my gallery than in this draft but ah well!

Do you like bookish quotes? I’m obsessed with them!

Keep reading,

Georgia x

30 thoughts on “Book Quotes of 2021 – 1-10”

  1. I love this idea so much! It’s so cool that you save a quote from every book. Such a meaningful way to remember favorite parts. And really, every quote I read from From Blood and Ash makes me want to read the book more. I really need to bump it up my TBRπŸ˜‚

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  2. I loved reading every one of these quotes! I really should keep track of memorable quotes I found in books…and I love your quote jar, it’s such a creative idea!

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