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Book Quotes of 2021 – 11-20

Hi everyone! I’m back with an update on my book quote jar! As I have now read 20 books it’s time to share the next 10 quotes! If you missed my first post, you can check it out here! I have actually read 21 books but as one was a Wattpad book, I haven’t taken a quote from it!

Since 2013 I have kept a quote jar and every time I finish a book I add a quote from it to my jar. I figured I would share these quotes with you. So I’m going to share these quotes in groups of 10. This post is dedicated to books 11 through 20 of 2021!

I’ve been playing about with Canva and thought I’d create the graphics to have a bit of a Spring feel this time! I feel like I may have gone a bit overboard with the pink though!

What’s your favourite book quote from a book you’ve read recently?

Keep reading,

Georgia x

29 thoughts on “Book Quotes of 2021 – 11-20”

  1. U haven’t gone overboard with the pink😉. Looks beautiful. I love saving quotes from my books too, but I do it as 1 post at a time gives me something to post during’off days’😁😂

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  2. I’m not really a fan of pink, but the graphics are so cute!! Also I love this! I somehow missed your first post like this. I have a Word doc I’ll occasionally copy quotes to if I think about it, but I’ve never thought to have a physical means of it. And those Cursebreaker quotes!! ❤ That All the Murmuring Bones quote makes me excited for that one too… I really hope my library decides to order it!

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  3. I love so much about this post!! Your images are great – definite Spring feel and not too much pink! 🙂 Your quote choices are fantastic. I especially love the ACOSF and A Vow So Bold and Deadly choices! And I love the quote jar idea!! So fun!

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  4. That quote from ACOSF really stood out to me! It was so good!! A recent quote I wrote down was, “Optimism brings you joy, so why not strive for all the positivity you can get?” It from Quinn’s The Strike Out. I love your jar idea. I keep a journal of favorite quotes.

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      1. It’s a sports romance series (baseball). Journaling is probably the wrong word. It’s just a small journal that I write all of my favorite quotes in and that’s it. So, it’s just a book of quotes.

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