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Top Quotes from The Lightning Thesaurus

Hi everyone! I wanted to do something a bit different today and you know how much I love quotes!

I received an ARC of The Lightning Thesaurus by M. B. Blisset from Enchanted Forest Publishing and I thought I’d share some of my favourite quotes from the book, whose publishing date is today!


In the kingdom of Vivaria, Zephyrus, a sorcerer is on the run from a powerful noble intent on his murder. Moira, a healer, saves his life and introduces him to Ron Brandywood, a competent and able bodyguard.
Three feet tall and using his fists to defend his clients, Zephyrus must trust Ron if he is to escape his pursuers.
Yet, as they venture on, the noble’s true intentions and powers force Ron and Moira to make terrible sacrifices if they are to protect him.

‘If I knew taking an arrow got me into your arms, I’d have been less careful.’

‘You know nothing of power, except to serve it.’

‘Trying hurt, but it was all he had left.’

‘Perhaps this is my destiny, and it is one which I will meet with courage and an open heart.’

‘Sometimes the worst fights are the ones you win.’

‘Make sure I’m a vicious, terrible monster when you tell people about me.’

Which of these is your favourite quote? I am currently drowning in books I want to read and ARCs I need to get to, whilst also doing other things, so I’m quite proud I’ve managed to read a decent amount this week!

Keep reading,

Georgia x

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