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Book Quotes of 2021: 21-30

Hi everyone! I’m taking a quick break from procrastinating my dissertation to update you on quotes from books I’ve read this year! Also, it’s the release day of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and I feel like I’m being transported back to my 10 year old self!

Since 2013 I have kept a quote jar and every time I finish a book I add a quote from it to my jar. I figured I would share these quotes with you. So I’m going to share these quotes in groups of 10. This post is dedicated to books 21 through 30 of 2021!

Check out the earlier posts: Books 1-10, Books 11-20!

I read some really great books that produced some of my favourite quotes! Which one is your favourite?

Keep reading,

Georgia x

21 thoughts on “Book Quotes of 2021: 21-30”

  1. Loved the House of Salt and Sorrow, and the Chain of Gold one!!!!! All the others are awesome too!! Will be waiting to read more quotes from your jar!!! And yay!!!! Fearless!!!!! Haven’t stopped listening to it🤩

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