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Fairyloot Unboxing: March 2021

Despite it being May, I’ve still not done my fairyloot unboxing for March so I figured I would do it now! And I also have the April box so will get to that later this month too!

The theme for March was Frozen Fables!

This notebook is stunning and I can’t get over how pretty it is! It is inspired by Wintersong and was designed by @taratjah

The foiled art print is inspired by Spinning Silver and is illustrated by @warickaart

The art print is inspired by the book of the month and was done by @gabsternaut

I can’t get over how aesthetically pleasing everything in this box is!

This headband is so cute and I love it! It’s inspired by the Something Dark and Holy series. It features designs by @catarinabookdesigns

These socks are so comfy! And are inspired by Even the Darkest Stars and designed by @jezhawk

The tarot cards are stunning, based on The Winternight Trilogy and designed by @arz28

The mug is so cute and gives me very wintery vibes! It’s also based on The Winternight Trilogy and is designed by @monolimeart

I adore this book! I think it’s so so pretty, and I love the art work on the reverse of the dust jacket by @gabsternaut

I am yet to read The Bright and the Pale by Jessica Rubinkowski, but I can’t wait till I do! I also haven’t read any of the books these items are based on, so I clearly have a lot of catching up to do!

Did anyone else receive this box, what did you think of the book and the items?

Keep reading,

Georgia x

2 thoughts on “Fairyloot Unboxing: March 2021”

  1. The Fairyloot Box always looks really nice! I love the tarot cards and the mug! Mugs in any book box are always my fave! 😍 Arz’s artwork is always *chefs kiss*! I haven’t heard of this book before but that’s such a gorgeous edition. Great unboxing!

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