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The Bridge of Little Jeremy Book Review

The Bridge of Little Jeremy

The Bridge of Little Jeremy

Author: Indrajit Garai

Pages: 370 pages

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Published: March 2019

Rating: 3 Stars


Jeremy’s mother is about to go to prison for their debt to the State. He is trying everything within his means to save her, but his options are running out fast.

Then Jeremy discovers a treasure under Paris.

This discovery may save his mother, but it doesn’t come for free. And he has to ride over several obstacles for his plan to work.

Meanwhile, something else is limiting his time…

My Review:

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book tells a story unlike my usual reading, but nevertheless, it was a heartwarming book. The Bridge of Little Jeremy tugs at your heartstrings as it follows a twelve-year-old boy and his dog, Leon, living in a flat in Paris with his mother. This story is about love and family, and shows the sacrifices this boy makes for his.

‘Beauty isn’t beautiful when it comes in plenty.’

Jeremy’s family is struggling financially and Jeremy takes it into his own hands to sell his paintings to make a bit of money. The pacing was a little slow for me, as it felt different to what I normally read. A lot of the story was spent following Jeremy and his dog on their adventures, which usually consisted of walking and exploring around Paris. It also focused a lot on Jeremy’s love for art and his paintings. He discovers a treasure in his family’s basement and begins to focus all his time on it as he believes it can help his mother’s financial difficulties.

‘Is it possible that the more your virtual world grows, the more your real world shrinks.’

This book is beautifully written, however, the way it was written meant that I often forgot the narrator was a twelve-year-old boy. In most fiction and films, Paris is described to be the city of love and it is often romanticised. The Bridge to Little Jeremy shows the reality of life for people in Paris, and that it is not always sunshine and rainbows. Despite his age and recent heart surgery, Jeremy is presented as heroic and clever. He was an interesting character and his story was emotional, but heartwarming in the end.

Keep reading,

Georgia x

5 thoughts on “The Bridge of Little Jeremy Book Review”

  1. I also agree with a lot of your points 😁 You seem to have liked this a little more than I did, but I do agree that the story was heartwarming and the writing lyrical! But yeah, the fact that Jeremy just did not sound like a twelve-year-old and the way the pacing dragged without the story really going into much depth wasn’t my thing at all 😅

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      1. Lololol, give me a few months and we’ll probably be in the same boat. I already had to look up names again when writing my own review, and it’s not like I didn’t just finish reading the book a few days ago… 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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