Monthly Wrap-ups

Monthly Wrap Up: May 2021

Hi everyone! This is coming a little bit later than usual as I have been so busy recently!

I have finally finished my exams and my degree! I had my first dose of the vaccine the other day, and I’m hoping to get back to posting regularly! Somehow I still managed to read 7 books in May and I’m pretty happy with that!

My favourite book this month was Beach Read.

How To Hang A Witch:

How to Hang a Witch

This was my book club’s May book and it has been on my TBR ofr years so I’m really glad I finally had the chance to read it. And I enjoyed it so that was a plus. It’s set in modern day Salem and is witchy!

Check out my full review here.


I have always loved Kasie West’s books and this was no different. It was the perfect YA summer read. I was totally lost in the story telling and the romance brewing between the characters!

Read my full review here.

The Other Side of Perfect:

I did not expect to love this one as much as I did, but it blew me away. The author has written such a beautiful story about love, but also about how to deal with racism in dance and I loved the message behind the story. A definite read if you are a YA romance fan.

Check out my review here.

Kiss and Repeat:

Kiss and Repeat

This book was a cute and quick read! It was a unique story about a boy who conducts a kissing experiment to find out if that is the cure for his tics. There is a lot of character development in this book and Stephen learns to accept himself for who he is.

Check out my full review here.

World’s Worst Boyfriend:

World's Worst Boyfriend: A Romantic Comedy Adventure

I adored this book, it was a great summer read. It went in a completely different direction than I thought it would but it did not disappoint! I definitely recommend giving this a read!

My review should be out soon!

The Bridge of Little Jeremy:

The Bridge of Little Jeremy

This was a sweet and heartwarming book about a boy who tries to help his mother with their financial difficulties through art. It’s set in Paris and is quite eye-opening to the reality of life for most people living there.

Check out my full review here.

Beach Read:

Beach Read

I could not put this book down. I was obsessed and it was the perfect summer read. I loved the characters and I loved the enemies to lovers trope too. This was a last minute winner as I read this on the very last day of May!

My review will be up soon!

I’m pretty proud with the amount of read in May despite having a lot of work! How was everyone else’s month of reading? And have you read any of these?

Keep reading,

Georgia x

8 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: May 2021”

  1. Congratulations on finishing exams and school!! That’s exciting! Glad to see you were still able to get so much reading done as well. I’m happy to see you also enjoyed The Bridge of Little Jeremy – it was definitely an eye-opener. Your review for Kiss and Repeat made me put it on my TBR as well! It sounds really good.

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