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Blog Tour: Unraveling Eleven ARC Review

Unraveling Eleven (Eleven Trilogy, #2)

Unraveling Eleven

Author: Jerri Chisholm

Pages: 384 pages

Genre: YA Dystopia

Published: 16th November 2021

Rating: 4 Stars


In Compound Eleven, freedom from tyranny is impossible.

My name is Eve Hamilton, and I’ve managed the impossible.

I am free.

Until just like that, it is wrenched from my grasp. And this time, the corridors of the dark underground city are even more dangerous than ever before. But my brief taste of freedom has left me with something useful, something powerful, something that terrifies the leaders of Compound Eleven.

And now I have a monster inside.

One I’ll need to learn to control, and fast, or I’ll lose everything and everyone I hold dear. Starting with Wren Edelman. The one boy who has taught me that anything is possible if we stick together.

But will that matter if I become the very thing he fears the most?

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Author Info

Jerri Chisholm is a YA author, a distance runner, and a chocolate addict. Her childhood was spent largely in solitude with only her imagination and a pet parrot for company. Following that she completed a master’s degree in public policy and then became a lawyer, but ultimately decided to leave the profession to focus exclusively on the more imaginative and avian-friendly pursuit of writing. She lives with her husband and three children, but, alas, no parrot.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

My Review!

Thank you to Chapter by Chaprters Tours, NetGalley and Entangled Teen for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the tour stops here!

After finishing Escaping Eleven, I had to pick up the sequel straight away. Unraveling Eleven begins exactly where the first book ends and I was immediately drawn into the story. Wren and Eve are above ground for the first time ever, and they quickly realise that the ground is survivable. Unfortunately for Eve and her dream of being free, she and Wren have to turn back to Compound Eleven as they don’t have enough supplies to eat and drink. Wren also wishes to help free the rest of the Compound and enlighten them about the situation above ground. When they return to the Compound, they have to choose their jobs, and Eve decides to apply for a guard job in order to collect supplies for when she plans to return to the outside.

‘It feels safe here next to Wren – it feels like home.’

This sequel really hooked me into the story and I was rooting for the characters to sort out their problems! Wren and Eve have a very back and forth relationship in this book. They’re both trying to do what they think is best but seem to miscommunicate about the best way collectively. Eve becomesvery obsessed with the idea of freedom and leaving the compound, which seems to come into conflict with her feelings for Wren and her other friends. There were moments when I couldn’t stand her character but she developed and grew so well over the course of the novel. These characters had a lot to work through but I think it all came together in the end, and they learn more about one another as time goes on.

‘But that grief – that heartache – it makes you who you are today. Someone with heart. Someone strong. Someone determined to survive.’

More of the world outside is explored in this novel, and I’m so intrigued to see what’s going to be revealed in the next book! There is a cliffhanger ending, but I was hooked all the way and need to know what’s going to happen next! There were moments when I felt the story lagged but these were made up for with the action chapters that had me gripped to the pages. I definitely recommend this for fans of YA dystopia!

Keep reading,

Georgia x

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