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My Year in Books: 2021

Welcome back to another blog post that I should probably have done in December! I was going to share m top ten books of 2021 in this post, but I think i might save that for another one!

Despite finishing my undergrad, having a dissertation to write and starting a Masters, I managed to read 108 books in 2021! I thought I’d share them here!

I’ve had a great year of reading and found so many new books because of thisblog! I’m hoping to get more active with commenting once my assignment is all submitted next week!

Keep reading,

Georgia x

11 thoughts on “My Year in Books: 2021”

  1. I don’t follow that many blogs (I’ll browse my feed every now and then) but blogging is the best way to find out about new books! Thank you for reminding me I meant to read Flat Share ahem ahem. And I’m looking forward to These Violent Ends. (Also… my baby is in such good company I am quite chuffed!).

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