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TTT: Books I Enjoyed, but Have Never Mentioned On My Blog

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday, a meme hosted by ThatArtsyReaderGirl. This weeks topic is books I enjoyed, but have never mentioned on my blog!

I feel like there are a lot of these, and I also think I may mention some that I have spoken about briefly before, but they deserve the recognition!

I adore this book! And need to read the last one, but it’s about pirates and magic. It also has a romance plot line of childhood friends to enemies to friends to lovers!

I love retellings and this one had me hooked! I need to read the rest of the stories in this series, and definitely need to reread this one!

Sarah Alderson’s books had me hooked when I was 15/16 and even now! This duology was so good, and involved romance, family, and magic powers!

It’s another Alderson book but this one was so good! It felt like a movie in my head! The main character teams up with a car thief as she is trying to outwit two killers.

I don’t think this is quite YA, I think it may be more Middle Grade, but this series had me in it’s grips when I was younger. So good and definitely fueled my beliefs that I was a mermaid.

Maureen Johnson is a great author and I adore this series. I still haven’t finished it but it was addicitve! The main character has a near-death experience, which allows her to see ghosts. She teams up with some other ghosts to catch the copycat Jack the Ripper killer.

Ally Carter’s books almost defined my early teen years. I was obsessed with her Gallagher Girls series. This one had me hooked, it was a thriller with a romance, and the secret service!

This trilogy is so so good! I feel like I have mentioned it before, but definitely not enough! Ice vs fire, and enemies to lovers! A must read for YA fantasy lovers!

A YA murder mystery that I couldn’t put down! I don’t remember what happens in this book so I may have to read it again, but I remember it being very good.

These books had a grip on me at the beginning of my YA phase. And a film is being made, so there’s no better time to include this book!

That’s it for this week! Have you read any of these books?

Keep reading,

Georgia x

13 thoughts on “TTT: Books I Enjoyed, but Have Never Mentioned On My Blog”

  1. I remember when The Shadow Queen was released! Glad to see it on your list. Soooo many books that we sometimes just forget or don’t have the right words for to publish a review or something about it on our blogs hahah Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I also wanted to make a quick mention that I will be moving on to my own blog going forward (temporarily cross-posting content to warn readers on Bookidote) and that I’d love for us to remain connected over on my new blog ( Don’t feel obligated to do so though! Stay safe!

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