Red (Taylor’s Version) Book Tag

Hey everyone! I’ve ran out of posts in my drafts so this week’s posting may be sparse as I have an assignment due on Friday!

Riddhi @ Whispering Stories tagged me in this a few months ago (maybe?) and as a massive Taylor fan, I obviously had to do it! I think this tag originally came from Paige on YouTube.

State of Grace – best opening book in a series

I loved this book! Still haven’t read the sequel and I think I might wait till the third book is out cause it nearly is!

Red – a book that makes you feel a whole spectrum of emotion

The emotions I went through whilst reading this book. It was a rollercoaster.

Treacherous – a slow book that you ended up loving

I couldn’t get into this one at the beginning, and found it a bit slow and boring. But I loved it by the end!

I Knew You Were Trouble – a book you knew would be bad and ended up being bad

Not necessarily bad, but after reading the first three books and them not living up to the series. Like it just wasn’t as good.

All Too Well – the book that has stayed with you the most

I remember reading this book years ago, and it’s just one of my comfort books. I love it so much.

22 – coming of age book

I almost put this for the prompt before, but I think it fits with this one too! I love this one and I definitely reread it when I started uni, although my experience was very different!

I Almost Do – the one you keep almost reading and don’t

My uni friends want me to read this series, and I want to read it too but it’s so intimidating as there are like 20 books. And I don’t know how to commit to that right now!

We Are Never Getting Back Together – a book you want to reread

I’ve been dying to reread this series for over a year. I’m determined to do it this year!

Stay Stay Stay – a book everyone dislikes but you love

I feel like quite a few people dislike these books, but I adore them and they are some of my comfort books! Even though they do stress me out a bit at times haha!

The Last Time – what was the last book you read?

I’ve just finished this and enjoyed it! A review is coming!

Holy Ground – a fan-favorite book

One of my favourite books ever!

Sad, Beautiful, Tragic – a book with any of these words in the title

It’s been a while since I read this one!

The Lucky One – a book about fame

One of my favourite YA books! Definitely recommend this and Unconventional!

Everything Has Changed – a book that changed how you view something

I can’t think of a specific book, but one thing I’ve learnt is to follow in the footsteps of the strong female characters from the books I love!

Starlight – a book that makes you feel warm and cozy and magical

I think I have to agree with Riddhi, any Kasie West book!

Begin Again – a book you’d read on a Wednesday in a cafe

To be honest I would read anything in a cafe, it just depends what the cover looks like! I feel like this is an acceptable cover!

The Moment I Knew – a book that looks happier than it actually is

I think this cover is very misleading for what it’s actually about!

Come Back, Be Here – a book series you want to make a resurgence OR a book series you want to be finished/the author to come back to

I would love for there to be another book with these characters! I love the two that are out so so much!

Girl At Home – a book that feels like you’re betraying your favorite book/author/character

I feel like I’m betraying Feyre, Rhysand and everyone in this book!

Better Man – a book with a dark/morally grey love interest

I mean there’s nothing like a morally grey character! And I adore them, Wrath is definitely one in this series!

Babe – a book where a character gets cheated on

I’m reading this one at the moment, and the main character was cheated on by her last boyfriend. So I’m hoping the new love interest will step up!

That’s all for this one, if you’re a Swiftie then I tag you to do this!

Keep reading,

Georgia x

11 thoughts on “Red (Taylor’s Version) Book Tag”

  1. Ahh, thanks for doing this tag Georgia! Fangirl is an amazing coming of age novel, I agree! And I’m glad you liked The Matchbreaker Summer, I am about to read it for a blog tour myself!

    Great post!

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  2. Strange the Dreamer was a slow read for me to that I ended up loving in the end. And I’m with you on enjoying The Selection! And I think there are only 5 books in the Addicted series??? I might be wrong. I read the first book, but I haven’t finished the series yet. It’s on my list of series to finish this year.

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  3. I’d actually say The 100 books definitely qualify as bad 😅😂 Like, there are very, very few instances where an adaptation was miles better than the original, but apart from Season 7, I’d say the TV show surpassed the source material 100-fold! (Pun intended 😁)

    And ahhh, The Selection series is one of my favorite comfort reads as well 🥰 Or, at least, the original trilogy is… And Strange the Dreamer and Fangirl are some of my absolute favorite books ever!!!

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