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Blog Tour: The Matchbreaker Summer ARC Review

The Matchbreaker Summer

Author: Annie Rains

Pages: 304 pages

Genre: YA Romance

Published: 5th April 2022

Rating: 4 Stars


A pitch-perfect summer camp rom-com about two teens with nothing in common who come together to help break up a romance and unexpectedly start one of their own

Sixteen-year-old Paisley Manning has been attending Camp Seabrook since she was a little girl, when her parents ran it together. For the last few years, since her father’s death, she’s been the one helping her mom run the camp behind the scenes. This year, however, will be Camp Seabrook’s last hurrah because Paisley’s mom has met a guy online and they’re getting married.

Enter Hayden Bennett, who is working alongside Paisley. Paisley and Hayden are like oil and water. She follows the rules, and he seems to live to break them all. But when Hayden catches wind of Paisley’s predicament, he has an idea. If a matchmaker in some computer algorithm caused the issue, a couple of real-life matchbreakers can fix it.

As they work to break up the happy couple, Paisley discovers that maybe Hayden’s not so bad after all. Has she met her own perfect match in her fellow matchbreaker?

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Author Info

USA Today bestselling author Annie Rains lives in a small, coastal North Carolina town, full of lovable folks, scenic downtown areas, and breathtaking nature—similar to the towns she writes about in her books. Annie’s love of reading and writing grabbed hold of her at a young age and never let go. Her first book was published in 2015, and she’s been writing heartfelt, page-turning stories ever since. When Annie isn’t writing, she’s reading from her never-ending TBR stack on her bedside table, taking long walks while plotting her characters’ happy endings, and living out her own happily ever after with her husband, three children, feisty rescue cat, and mischievous dog.

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My Review

Thank you to TBR and Beyond Tours, NetGalley, and Underlined for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. Check out the rest of the tour here.

I love books set over summer and with summer camps especially. The Matchbreaker Summer was a fun read.

Paisley Manning has been going to the summer camp her parents own ever since she can remember. But since her dad died, she has been helping her mum run the camp. Just before she returns to camp, this time as a counsellor, she is told the worst news she can imagine. Her mum is marrying her boyfriend Dave, they are moving far away, and selling the camp. This piece of information sets the course for the rest of the novel.

“I guess I’m kind of like that song sparrow. I don’t stand out.”
“You stand out to me.”

On the day before the campers arrive, Paisley finds Hayden, a boy from school, grafitting the cabins. Naturally, she gets upset and reports him to her mum. The following day, she is completely surprised to see Hayden decked out in the counsellor uniform. Paisley and Hayden end up working together to break up Paisley’s mum and Dave and show that Dave isn’t the right fit for her family. Paisley didn’t expect to get along with Hayden as well as she did, and she suddenly has to start thinking about her own feelings.

‘The first kiss was a sky full of stars. The second one was an entire universe.’

The relationship between Paisley and Hayden was so fun to see. I loved their development as they learned to trust each other. Their romance was quite a slow burn, but it was rather cute! Over the course of this novel, Paisley learns that change isn’t necessarily a bad thing (something I need to learn). Her character development was good to see, as she became more accepting by the end.

I would say this is a YA at the lower end, but I still enjoyed it regardless. It made me wish I had had the opportunity to go on summer camps like this!

Keep reading,
Georgia x

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