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The Warrior Midwife ARC Review

The Warrior Midwife

Author: E.P Bali

Pages: 362 pages

Genre: Fantasy

Published: 26th May 2022

Rating: 5 Stars


“The fae are no joke, girl. Be wise. Be smart. Be cunning if you can…”


Her father made a binding agreement with the fae king to protect his kingdom. Now Crown Princess Saraya must pay the price: marry the crown fae prince, go into the monster’s lair and give up her protection of the vulnerable women of her home, Quartz City.

But fate would not have her sent into the fae kingdom, instead, forces far greater than she could have imagined plot the destruction of humanity.

The Order of Temari, an ancient guild of warrior midwives, sworn to protect women in childbirth from the demons who would take their baby’s magical abilities are all but dead. But with Saraya’s coming of age, the Order has a chance at rebirth. Instead of going to sit the human caged, betrothed, in the fae kingdom, Saraya disguises herself as a fae warrior and sneaks away into the fae mountain academy, where fae males learn to become full blooded warriors.

In order to save the human realm, Saraya must become the best warrior she can be.

She’s the Man meets Sarah J. Maas in this whirlwind romantic fantasy

My Review:

Thank you to the author for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book! When I first saw the author’s tiktok, I knew I had to get an ARC of this because it sounded insane. I loved it so much and could not put it down!

The book opens with a birthing scene, and Saraya is full of knowledge and has a magical gift that helps ease the birth. However, she keeps it hidden from those around her. Saraya finds out her father promised her to the eldest son of the Dark Fae King, and she must leave shortly after her birthday. Always putting others in front of herself, her first instinct is to ask about her duties as midwife, and get her sister out of the country so she isn’t married off to anyone. The royal family of the Dark Fae come to get Saraya and her first impression of her betrothed, Daxian, is that he is arrogant and an ass. I didn’t know if this was going to be an enemies to lovers relationship between those two, but when Draxus, the commander of the king’s army was introduced, I knew immediately he was the love interest.

‘Lightning does not yield.’

Saraya is an incredibly intelligent and strong female character and I loved the resilience she shows throughout this novel. Whilst she journeys to the dark fae kingdom, a spirit meets her and says they have been waiting for her, the Order of Temarai, an ancient guild of warrior midwives. She is sent to train and improve her fighting skills undercover at the fae mountain academy, an all male academy. The spirit uses magic to trick the dark fae whilst Saraya uses her magic to disguise herself to fit in at the academy.

‘You could never hide from me, Saraya.’

I love She’s the Man and Mulan, so I loved this aspect of the story and some of the characters we meet at the academy are so intriguing and I hope we get more of them in the sequel! Whilst at the academy Saraya has to convince her betrothed and Draxus, that she is someone else. The relationship between Draxus and Saraya is an incredibly slow burn and it is still burning, but they have been set up very well and I cannot wait for book two!

‘Teach me. Teach me how to kill them, and I will kill every single fucking one.’

When I read, I try and predict some potential twists that may be coming my way, but the end of this book, I did not expect! I am obsessed with one of the scenes at the end and I was grinning! I should also mention the who hurt you scene features in this novel! I honestly couldn’t recommend this more and if you love fae, then definitely check this one out!

Keep reading,
Georgia x

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