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YALC 2022 Book Haul!

Hey everyone! So two weeks ago, I went down to London and attended my first ever YALC! For those who don’t know what YALC is, it’s the Young Adult Literature Convention, and it’s attached to London ComicCon.

I had such an amazing time meeting loads of publishing people and collecting a lot of freebies! So I figured why not share my haul! I took five books with me to get signed and returned with 22!

I met Cassandra Clare and it was so nice to have a short chat before taking a photo! We were also given a pre-signed bookplate, which goes very nicely with the 15th Anniversary edition of City of Bones that I bought whilst I was there! I also went to Cassandra Clare’s panel where she increased my excitement for the next books by about 1000!

Laura Sebastian was so nice! She even wrote little messages in my book and it was such an amazing experience meeting her! I told her the ending to Castle in their Bones shocked me and I was not okay with it! I had only taken Ash Princess with me, so I bought Castle in their Bones whilst I was there to get it signed!

I queued for ages for Brigid Kemmerer but she didn’t make it to me in the official signing. But I managed to spot her doing a secret signing at the Waterstones shop where she signed both the books I had taken! I was reading Forging Silver Into Stars at the time and she told me about one of her favourite scenes that was coming up for me. Hint: It was to do with Archery!

Alice Oseman flew through the signings! I don’t know how she did it, but I managed to get my copy of Heartstopper: Volume 1 signed! I got to thank her for writing such a beautiful story and how much the show made me cry!

Karen McManus was the first signing I went to and I got a bit overwhelmed! I asked her to sign One of Us is Lying for both me and me sister as we adore her books!

Lex Croucher was also doing a signing and even though I haven’t read her books yet, I’ve been dying to read them, so I bought them both to get them signed!

I also met Kat Delacorte, and got a bookplate signed as my friend gave me a proof of her book With Fire in their Blood, which sounds amazing! She was so lovely to talk to, and I had just attended her panel, which totally sold the book to me!

That’s all the books I got signed! And then there were so many good deals so I bought quite a few more!!

I just wanted to show off the artwork on this Illumicrate copy of Little Thieves! I haven’t read a single book I bought from YALC yet, but I can’t wait too!

Aside from books, I also had a lot of freebies! I’m obsessed with the artprint of Evangeline and Jacks! I did buy two candels from Ethereal Curiosities but I forgot to take a picture of them. I got the Rowan from Throne of Glass candle, and the Wrath from Kingdom of the Wicked candle! I also left with 5 new tote bags 🙂

It’s safe to say my first ever YALC was a massive success and I can’t wait to go again next year! Let me know which of these books I should read first!

Keep reading,
Georgia x


12 thoughts on “YALC 2022 Book Haul!”

  1. What a fun haul! Thank you SO much for sharing! I was smiling ear to ear seeing the fun books you got. If you’re having trouble choosing, start with Skin of the Sea? That’s one of my summer reads too!

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