Monthly TBR

Monthly TBR: November 2022

I’ve recently lost the ability to post these monthly tbr’s on time! I have already read 7 books (I’m not really sure how!) but I will include them in this post still!

I’m hoping to make even more of a dent into my arc pile as it’s been going well so far!

November Books I’ve Already Read

I have really enjoyed all of these books and all but one were ARCs! And I’m happy to report my NetGalley percentage is back above 80!

Books on my November TBR

Beneath the Burning Wave

I have started this one and am a little confused so far, but to be fair, I haven’t made a massive dent! I’m looking forward to reading more.

Iron Hearts and Dragon Magic

I read the first book and loved it so I knew I had to sign up to be on the book tour for the sequel!

Six Crimson Cranes

This is a reread in preparation for my ARC of the sequel. I have already read this book this year but I don’t know if I can remember enough to do the sequel justice so it’s looking like there’s gonna be a reread!

The Dragon’s Promise

I’m very excited for this one and have heard good things! I’m looking forward to seeing more dragons!

All of Us Villains

I loved this one last year! I have the ARC for the sequel so a reread is definitely needed. I can’t wait to return to these characters as they were addicting!

All of Our Demise

I’ve been dying to read this one and I don’t know why it has taken me this long! If I don’t get to All of Our Demise this month, I will 100% be reading it in December!

My November TBR is looking slight advantageous but seeing as I’ve made a good dent in it already, I think I should be able to get to them all! It just depends whether my mood reading fits them I guess!

Have you read any of these and should I be bumping any further up the list?

Keep reading,
Georgia x

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