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A Disaster in Three Acts ARC Review

A Disaster in Three Acts

Author: Kelsey Rodkey

Pages: 368 pages

Genre: YA Romance

Published: 5th July 2022

Rating: 4 Stars


Fans of Elise Bryant and Rachel Lynn Solomon will swoon for Last Chance Books author Kelsey Rodkey’s next romance, packed with snark, banter, and inconvenient crushes.

Saine Sinclair knows a little something about what makes a story worth telling.

Your childhood best friend refuses to kiss you during a pre-adolescent game of spin the bottle? Terrible, zero stars, would not replay that scene again. The same ex-friend becomes your new best friend’s ex? Strangely compelling, unexpected twist, worth a hate-watch. That same guy–why is he always around?–turns out to be your last shot at getting into the documentary filmmaking program of your dreams?

Saine hates to admit it, but she’d watch that movie.

There’s something about Holden that makes her feel like she’s the one in front of the camera–like he can see every uncomfortable truth she’s buried below the surface. Saine knows how her story’s supposed to go. So why does every moment with Holden seem intent on changing the ending?

My Review!

Thank you to Edelweiss+, HarperCollins, and Harper360YA for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This was a fun and quick read. I read A Disaster in Three Acts in one day and couldn’t put it down.

Saine is determined to get into her dream filmmaking program and to do so she must enter a documentary that she has filmed and directed. Saine is very aware that her documentary must be perfect and interesting, so instead of choosing a subject she decides to find something to document and find a person who will fit into her story. A local competition to win a VR headset with real-life video-game events sounds like the perfect focus. When her original competitor pulls out in the first few minutes of the first round, Saine thinks it’s all over. Until she bumps into Holden. Her childhood best friend, the boy who refused to kiss her at a middle-grade game of spin the bottle, and her best friend’s ex. Holden is taking part in the competition and he is Saine’s only option.

‘”You just smile more when you’re behind a camera.” He lifts his own. “Film me.” He knows me he knows me he knows me.’

I loved reading this as more and more information was revealed about their past and why they were no longer friends. This was a friends to enemies to friends to lovers and I was here for it! Holden was reluctant to be the subject of Saine’s documentary at first, but they struck a deal, he would do this for her, if she would pose for his photography projects. Initially, Saine keeps this partnership a secret, which inevitably blows up a bit in her face when her best friend finds out.

‘”I know it went horribly the first time and you’re not into me like I’m into you, but I really want to kiss you.”
“I’m into you.”‘

I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Saine. At times, she was incredibly selfish and only thought of her own personal gain and her documentary. I loved her character development by the end, but there were times when I thought she had already learnt but clearly hadn’t! I loved the side characters, particularly Holden’s little sister as she was adorable. The development of Saine and Holden’s relationship was so cute and I loved watching it happen in my head as I read along. Over the course of this book, Saine really learns what’s important and that it’s okay to not have your life planned out.

This was a cute read and if you love childhood friends to lovers, then this is the book for you!

Keep reading,
Georgia x


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