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Meet Me On Platform 3 ARC Review

Meet Me On Platform 3

Author: Zara Stoneley

Pages: 339 pages

Genre: Romance

Published: 30th August 2022

Rating: 4.5 Stars


Two people. One journey…

Millie loves her city life, her city friends and writing her true(ish) confessions column – but she’s starting to wonder if the grass really is greener on the other side, or if her heart really belongs back in Northumberland, with her mum who is struggling after the death of Millie’s dad.

Joe is happy doing what he does, writing games. He could do it anywhere, but since leaving home he’s lived believing that looking back means you’ve failed, and life is about taking chances and seeing the world.

So when the two meet up surely it can never work, their lives are moving in opposite directions. On different tracks… 

My Review!

Thank you to NetGalley, HarperCollins, and OneMoreChapter for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Meet Me on Platform 3 was such a sweet story. I fell for these characters in the same way they fell for each other. Do you ever bump into someone in the street and then picture your entire life with them and then they’re gone? If yes, then read this book.

Mille is a writer for a confessions column, living in London, but she starts to wonder whether she would prefer to live her life back home in Northumberland. Joe writes games and works for a company that send him to different companies for certain periods of time. At the beginning of this book, he is based in London but commutes home to Northumberland on Thursday evenings. Millie travels home a day early (on a Thursday evening) to spend the time with her mum who is struggling with the death of Millie’s dad. On her way into the station, she almost gets drenched by a man and his umbrella, and when she looks up to meet him, he is the most gorgeous man she has seen. And yes, it is Joe!

‘Well, whatever you decide, decide what’s best for you, Millie. But remember to take care of your heart as well as your head.’

From this chance encounter brews an adorable romance, where both parties search the station for the following two weeks to try and bump into one another again. Eventually, it happens and they grow closer on their weekly commutes up North. Millie has been struggling to write an article her boss loves, until she writes about her first encounter with Joe. Her boss and their readers love this story and are glued to the column for the next updates. The only issue is Joe is a very private person and is unaware that the moments he thought private are being shared nationally.

‘Home can be anywhere if you’re with the person you love. Where they are is where you’re meant to be.’

I honestly couldn’t put this book down as I was desperate for these two to get their happy ever after. They went through their share of their ups and downs and I was rooting for them to figure out how they could be together and still live the lives they wanted to. Overall, this was such a cute romance and I really enjoyed it!

Keep reading,
Georgia x


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