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Ten Rules for Faking It Book Review

Ten Rules for Faking It Author: Sophie Sullivan Pages: 384 pages Genre: Romance Published: December 2020 Rating: 5 Stars Synopsis: What happens when your love life becomes the talk of the town?As birthdays go, this year’s for radio producer Everly Dean hit rock-bottom.Worse than the “tonsillectomy birthday.” Worse than the birthday her parents decided to… Continue reading Ten Rules for Faking It Book Review

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TTT: Books Guaranteed to Put a Smile On Your Face

Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I did a Top Ten Tuesday post so I thought I would take part today! Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by ThatArtsyReaderGirl . You’ll find the rest of the topics listed on her page! This week's theme is Books guaranteed to put a smile on your face.… Continue reading TTT: Books Guaranteed to Put a Smile On Your Face

Monthly TBR

Monthly TBR: September 2021

Hey everyone! It was my 1 year blogaversary at the beginning of this month, and I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who reads, likes and comments on my posts! It means a lot and I can't believe I've been doing this for a year now! I start my Masters in… Continue reading Monthly TBR: September 2021

Monthly Wrap-ups

Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2021

Welcome to another monthly wrap-up post! I always tend to do most of my reading in August as it's Summer and this year was no exception! I managed to read 15 books this month! I managed to exceed my montly goal by a lot! My favourite book this month was To Bleed a Crystal Bloom.… Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2021

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One Last Kiss ARC Review

One Last Kiss Author: A S Kelly Pages: 500 pages Genre: Romance/Humour Published: 20th August 2021 Rating: 3 Stars Synopsis: RianAllow me to introduce myself.My name is Rian Kerry, and I’m in huge trouble.This is how it happened: I had a crush. You know those teenage crushes, which I’m sure you’ve all experienced, too. It… Continue reading One Last Kiss ARC Review

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The Dating Game ARC Review

The Dating Game Author: Sandy Barker Pages: 400 pages Genre: Romance Published: 10th September 2021 Rating: 5 Stars Synopsis: Once upon a time, twelve women joined the hottest reality TV show looking for love. Except one had a secret identity . . . Abby Jones is a serious writer. Or at least she will be,… Continue reading The Dating Game ARC Review

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Hot Desk ARC Review

Hot Desk Author: Zara Stoneley Pages: N/A Genre: Romance Published: 3rd September 2021 Rating: 5 Stars Synopsis: Same desk, different days.A post-it note is just the beginning… A must read for fans of Beth O’Leary, Mhairi McFarlane and Sophie Kinsella! Alice loves her job and wants to keep it – whatever the price. But then… Continue reading Hot Desk ARC Review

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Love Life ARC Review

Love Life Author: Nancy Peach Pages: Genre: Romance Published: 2nd August 2021 Rating: 4.5 Stars Synopsis: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Yorkshire lass in possession of a career, a house, and a cat, must be in want of a husb—Oh get a grip! Dr Tess Carter is no starry-eyed Jane Austen heroine.… Continue reading Love Life ARC Review

Monthly TBR

Monthly TBR: July 2021

This month is going to hopefully get me caught up on all the ARC's I have to read! I've managed to get my NetGalley rating to above 80% and I'd love to keep it there! I hope to read ten books this month! I finished this in the first day of July and adored it!… Continue reading Monthly TBR: July 2021

Monthly TBR

Monthly TBR: June 2021

Now that I have finished my exams, I may set myself an overly ambitious TBR for the month of June! I have a few ARC's that I need to catch up with, along with some books that I've been dying to read for ages! As we are already over a week into June, I have… Continue reading Monthly TBR: June 2021