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Book Quotes of 2021 – 1-10

Hi everyone! I wanted to try a new kind of post today! Since 2013 I have kept a quote jar and every time I finish a book I add a quote from it to my jar. I figured I would share these quotes with you. So I'm going to share these quotes in groups of… Continue reading Book Quotes of 2021 – 1-10

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The Tandro Series Book Review

The Tandro Series Author: Naomi E. Lloyd Pages: 859 pages Genre: New Adult Dystopian/Romance Published: August 2020 Rating: 3.5 stars My Review: Thank you to Naomi E. Lloyd and Voracious Readers Only who sent me this free box set in exchange for an honest review. I have mixed feelings about these books but I think… Continue reading The Tandro Series Book Review