Monthly Wrap-ups

Monthly Wrap-Up January 2021

Hi! Welcome to my first wrap-up of 2021! I read so much more than I thought I would and I’m very impressed with myself! I read a total of 11 books! 7 were ARCs or review copies!

My book of the month is A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire.

From Blood and Ash:

From Blood and Ash (Blood And Ash, #1)

This was the perfect book to start off 2021. I adored it and loved being introduced to a new world! I loved the characters and was just so absorbed in the story. I really liked Hawke and he is officially on the book boyfriend list! I was so intrigued by this book and it lived up to the hype for me!

Read my full review here.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire:

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (Blood and Ash, #2)

The series just got better! I did not want to put this book down. The world we are introduced to in the first book is expanded and I was incredibly intriguing. I loved watching the relationship between Hawke and Poppy grow and argh I love them!

You can read my full review here!

The Outlands:

The Outlands

I felt like I was thrust back into my years of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner and Divergent with this book! It was set in an interesting dystopian world and the characters grew on me as I read it more. I did find myself losing interest at points but the book definitely picks up in the last half!

Check out my review here.


I took part in my first ever blog tour in January and I loved the book I read! It was a cute fairy godmother retelling with an enemies-friends-lovers trope and I adored it! I read this book within 24 hours whilst I was meant to be doing an exam, so if that doesn’t convince you of how much I couldn’t put it down I don’t know what will!

You can read my review here!

The Tandro Series:

This was an interesting trilogy, that started off well but the second book just felt very slow and a bit boring. It did pick up in the last book but I had kind of lost interest by that point! It discusses intimacy and is originally set in a world where that is forbidden. I enjoyed the first book and most of the third, although I spent a lot of time being confused in the third book!

Check out my review here.

A Bad Boy Stole My Bra:

A Bad Boy Stole My Bra

I first read this book on Wattpad and decided I had to reread it now that it’s a published book! I absolutely adored it! It was such a cute, cliché read, and was just what I wanted. I could not put it down.

Feel free to read my review here.

Hot British Boyfriend:

This is another book I devoured and could not put down! I haven’t posted my review yet as I received a copy for a blog tour but it will be out on the 9th February! This was such a cute read as the main character, Ellie, learns to fully embrace her individuality. Although it was easy to guess how this book was end up, I found myself loving both Dev and Will! I do like how it ended up as it was definitely the right choice!

The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes:

The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes

This was such a fresh read! I loved being able to read fairy tales about ordinary people with no magical abilities or standard build for heroes. I took part in the blog tour for this book and I’m really glad I got the chance to read this book! I liked all three main characters and there is great LGBTQ+ representation. My only issue was the ending but it’s meant to be frustrating but it was so annoying!

You can read my full review here.

I Survived:

I Survived: I had a loving husband. Then he tried to kill me. A true story.

I read my first non-fiction book of the year! This book is an autobiographical memoir and was extremely harrowing to read. Victoria Cilliers was almost murdered by her husband from a dodgy parachute. This was a really interesting read as she described how her husband changed whilst they were together.

Read my review here.

I’m so proud of myself for reading 11 books in January. I’m hoping February will be as good to me!

How was your January reading?

Keep reading,

Georgia x

22 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up January 2021”

  1. I haven’t read most of these!! But I loved reading your thoughts on all of them 😄 And I’ve seen A Bad Boy Stole my Bra so much recently that I want to reread it now too!!

    Great post Georgia!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really liked the From Blood and Ash until I got to the end and I was like ugh, I didn’t mind and in fact expected Hawks whole little twist, but I hated the way poppy reacted, like she couldn’t decide if she wanted to be mad or not at the betrayal. Still annoyed about it haha

    Liked by 1 person

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